We are committed to bringing community development to Ymir in a sustainable way so that all local residents can benefit from what we do.


Our Mission

The purpose of the Society is to cultivate awareness and skills focusing on both the Arts and Sustainability, through the use of community education and initiatives. We strive to bring professional level artists and facilitators to our community, with a focus on developing and providing opportunities for youth.

In 2017 alone, we contributed $24,000 to local residents of Ymir for contract positions working with Tiny Lights.

In the last year we've supported these local organizations/causes within our community

  • Contributed Funds Towards Building Improvement for the Ymir School House (YAMS)
  • Fundraised for the Ymir Watershed
  • Nelson S.P.C.A.
  • Awarded Two Scholarships to Local Youth for Corazon Youth Choir 
  • Contributed Funds Towards Building Improvement for the Community Hall (YCA)

We also offer a public meeting area, exhibition space and art gallery here in Ymir.