waste management

We pride ourselves on our waste management strategies which were initiated by Michelle Colley, our founding operations director. For the past three years we have only produced one bag of garbage from our festival grounds which went to the landfill. 

This accomplishment is Tiny Lights’ biggest collaboration. It is only possible because of the efforts of our vendors who adhere to a strict packaging policy, our volunteers who tirelessly work separating and sorting waste and our attendees who make sustainable choices and take the few extra minutes to sort their waste.


What happens to the waste that we do create?

All of the paper waste created on the festival grounds is shredded on the Monday after the festival. 

All of the food waste gets put into buckets and with the magic of bokashi bacteria, is composted. The result of combining these two types of material is a rich compost that we use in our community gardens.

We would like to thank everyone for helping us work towards a zero waste festival.