Past Programming Includes...

Shadow Puppet workshops for Youth and Adults

This playful hands-on workshop with Mind of Snail taught all of the skills to create a short piece of shadow theatre! Topics covered  fun & effective performance techniques, concept & design ideas, storyboarding, crafting, and how to put it all together into a show.

Blacksmithing for youth

Introduction to  the concepts of hammer, anvil, and the way steel changes when hot students made a project of their choosing. 

Reel Youth Film Camp

During a 4-day filmmaking workshop in 2016, 15 youth in Ymir came together to produce short films. The themes they chose to explore included forest fires, why it's awesome to live in the Kootenays, and the importance of everything. If you would like to see the videos that were created during this camp, please click here.

Rock Camp

In 2016, we hosted three professional, award winning musicians in Ymir for 8 days. They facilitated a Rock Kamp that engaged over 24 youth in the community. The participants took part in 5 days of learning followed by 2 days of recording and culminating with the final day of the workshop involving a live performance at the Tiny Lights Festival.

Hip-Hop Dance and Rhymes

In 2016, Ymir Youth worked with Kia Kadiri and Ndidi Cascade to develop Hip-Hop dance and song-writing techniques, as well as provided a condensed history of hip-hop and its effects on social change. Kia Kadiri is one of Vancouver’s most respected females in the Hip-Hop community. Ndidi Cascade is a songwriter, recording artist, educator and program facilitator, who has showcased her music across North America and internationally – from classrooms to stadiums.

Silhouette Workshop

In 2016, we hosted a community art project that resulted in a living art gallery in Ymir. The unique silhouettes created were installed throughout the town and showcased at the Tiny Lights Festival.

Surrealist Mask and Costume Making

In 2016, we ran a surrealist mask and costume making workshop and added a surrealist parade to the Tiny Lights Festival. This program was facilitated by a professional art teacher over a period of three weeks. The program included theory, sculpture, and engaged youth in visual arts.

Rup Looping Workshop

 This program was delivered during the festival allowing youth from a greater geographic area to participate. Rup taught the audience the basics of looping and performance and engaged them in writing their own songs. There were over 70 people at the workshop.